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The Best Path of Exile Currency Atlas Tree 3.22

The best poe currency atlas tree 3.22 for new league start leveling, currency & Div Card farming, and mid-league mapping.

This Atlas Passive Skill Tree is more beginner-friendly and prioritizes blight progression over other factors like map completion, and focuses on acquiring two first void stones early. Several Atlas Passive Points have been added or rebalanced in this update. You can find the full list in our changelog:

Stream of Consciousness

The Atlas Passive Tree got an overhaul with 3.18 Sentinel League adding a bunch of new Keystones allowing for further content customization in Path of Exile. One of them is Stream of Consciousness which replaces the Valley of Darkness and increases the base chance for extra encounters to spawn in your Atlas Maps.

The goal of this Atlas currency farming strategy is to increase the number of Expedition encounters in your maps early on and then maximize their rewards using a simple alch and go build. It will also help you farm higher tier Atlas Maps faster for early league start leveling, currency & Div card farming, and if you need to, league mechanics running. It will also give you enough Buy poe currency for a good starting gear set.

Fortune Favours the Brave

When your friends are scared to try something new, you can tell them that fortune favors the brave. This is a proverb that has been used throughout history to remind people that taking risks can bring them success and good luck. The Latin version of the proverb is audentes Fortuna iuvat.

This Atlas passive tree plan is more beginner-friendly and uses the new Keystone four-byte that turns the game into a tower defense simulator. It also offers a good supply of currency and allows you to slot in the new Legion and Wrath of the Cosmos mechanics. It prioritizes the fast tier one of Atlas, which is important for league start leveling and gaining wealth for Div Card farming. It also takes a variety of mechanics that spawn large volumes of mobs and grabs Blue Altars for divine gambles, as well as Shrines for speed.

Shaping the Skies

Whether you’re looking for an easy league start or a cheap way to get a lot of currency, this passive skill tree plan can give you what you need. It takes a few small nodes and prioritises map sustain over progression.

It also grabs the first void stone as early as possible and prioritizes eldritch influence farming over everything else. This means that you can start farming those first endgame maps very quickly and make some extra money by selling the extra maps that you’ll get. However, it’s important to note that this blight strategy is high risk – high reward as it requires a very strong character build and the Wrath of the Cosmos and Eldritch Gaze encounters can be difficult for newer players.




Shaping the Mountains

For new players who don’t feel comfortable rushing through Atlas maps with a powerful character build or want to do some challenging running. This blight strategy provides a way to get lots of currency while still having the fun of exploring all of the new Atlas map tiers.

This is a fast progression tree that prioritises small nodes that focus on map sustain. It can be adapted to suit any league starting strategy and easily converted into other mechanics. It is not recommended for hardcore players due to the Wrath of Cosmos and Eldritch Gaze encounters. It can also be slowed down by grabbing Essence and Legion nodes to make it more comfortable for newer players. However, it remains very fast and a great choice for new players looking to enjoy the new Atlas passive skill tree 3.22.

Shaping the World

If you want to progress quickly in the Atlas passive skill tree, prioritize grabbing map completion rewards for eldritch influence over all other nodes before voidstones. This will allow you to farm a large amount of currency, and it also ensures that you get the two first voidstones as soon as possible for high wealth gains.

After grabbing the first two voidstones, it's time to take a small node that focuses on map sustain and progression. This allows you to pick up a few more keystones and start getting to your favourite mechanics. This could be things like Embrace of the Cosmos, Wrath of the Cosmos, or even Legion encounters. This will make your builds more powerful and allow you to progress the Atlas faster.