About WhaUp
WhaUp is a Social Networking Platform.

WhaUp.net is about our diversity of what makes us all unique within a community that will inspire and foster collaboration and creativity. Many have heard the golden rule, and at WhaUp.net we go a step further by establishing the Platinum Rule or best known as the “WhaUp Way”.


The “WhaUp Way”:

“Treat others not as I expect to be treated, but simply treat others with respect.”

We all come from rich and diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Even two individuals in the same household can have vast differences in opinions. Take a step further by understanding how others expect to be treated and not simply assume that you may know what’s best or even understand another person’s mindset. When in doubt, don’t assume and simply be cordial. We don’t always know the circumstances of others and even when we have a glimpse we may not always know what is considered acceptable by that person.


Many use social networks and media to promote their products, ideas and share with friends and love ones. If you’re looking to shine, make someone else shine, and simply want for us all shine together… then you are WhaUp!!